I like to acknowledge the change in the seasons, and to remind myself, and you, that we are part of the natural order, and also shift as the seasons do.

Spring is a time of renewal and growth. We see the plants begin to refresh themselves: the trees with fresh leaves and buds; the bulbs offering their bright colours; the perennials beginning to show new shoots. We notice the lighter mornings and evenings as the daylight time lengthens. Everything starts to come to life.

And in us, springtime is a time for renewal and growth as well. My mother always used to spring-clean our home. She would open windows, clear out cupboards, wipe down paintwork, and generally refresh the place. I may not be as thorough or as prompt as her, but I do get the significance of having a good clear-out, clean-up and airing. It makes our environment feel better and is part of the inner drive to match the season.

As well as the external aspect of refreshing, we usually have a resurgence of energy – our sap is rising, just as it is in the trees – and it’s a good time to look at what we want to do in the rest of the year: what we will experiment with; what we want to achieve; how we want to be.

We can prompt this in ourselves by just asking those questions, and taking a few steps towards the things that we think of, even if it’s only planning when we will do something about it.

Don’t just dissipate that energy, use it to begin to introduce a new useful habit, or to clear something that’s been hanging over you, or just to go for a walk and allow creative ideas to come to you.

It is in our nature to feel the urge for renewal and growth at this time of year, so let’s use our natural bent to make our lives even easer and more enjoyable. Spring is springing in you as well!

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