I was watching an interview with Greta Thunberg the other day, and as ever found her inspiring. I have met several inspiring people in my life and they have influenced how I think and act. It makes me wonder what differentiates them. It is not their educational background or particular interests or viewpoints. So what is it? people who inspire us seem so diverse, yet clearly have some things in common.

I would suggest that the first thing they have in common is that their ‘causes’ are heartfelt. They believe with all their being in what they are supporting or doing or being. They have adopted it because they can’t not.

This is confirmed by the fact that they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the talk too. Think of David Attenborough for example, who could have retired from public life years ago, but chooses to continue to come out and support anything that may help to save our planet from climate change and diversity loss.

And they express their views in ways that we can relate to. They make it simple, clear and relevant to our own lives.

Finally, their ordinary humanity shines through. However serious or important their topic may be, they have a sense of humour, and an admittance of their own human frailty. Whether we agree with their particular viewpoint or not, they can inspire us to adopt these behaviours , to find our own ways of inspiring others.

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