As we begin to work our way out of lockdown, it would be easy to resume our ‘normal’ way of life. But we have had an opportunity to assess that normality during this period, and it seems to me vital that we use that assessment to make our lives better.

I have re-evaluated my priorities, learnt to pay more attention to the simple pleasures of life, and realised that ‘got to’s’ and ‘should’s’ never lead to a satisfying conclusion – as a starter!

There are few things that I have really missed during lockdown: mostly, hugs and face-to face contact, and going to the hairdresser!

For me, the piece I have objected to most is not being able to decide for myself what I can and can’t do, so I don’t want to go back to an automatic programming of my previous behaviour either – that is another form of following rules rather than choosing. I want to be conscious of what I do and don’t engage with again.

I am looking forward to taking back control of my life and deciding for myself what I keep in it that I have gained from lockdown, and what I re-introduce from before that time. And I’d encourage you to do the same.

So come on, let’s make it a better normal this time round, both individually and collectively, in every way we can. Isn’t that what it’s all been about, really – a wake-up call to re-assess how we live our lives?

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