I have moved back into my house after nearly four months – wonderful!! – and I’ve been gradually re-establishing it as my home.

I was given a clean slate – all my contents moved out, the whole place re-decorated – so in some ways I was starting from scratch. What it’s made me realise is that making it my home again is about creating the right feel to the place, enabling it to reflect me and how I am now.

First priorities were books and cd’s properly on shelves, music set up, wine on the rack – if you know me, you’ll understand! Then it’s about taking things out of boxes, deciding if they’re still ‘me’, and if so, choosing where they go. Some are as they were before, some are in different places, and many are in the bin or the charity shop box.

It is both exciting and challenging to ask the question: ‘ Is this me?’ It makes you think about your own evolution, and how you influence your own development by what you decide to have around you. And it helps to create a home rather than a house – it puts the heart back into the place.

I have had the benefit of being able to completely reset my home, and I would encourage you to just consider whether your home reflects who you are now, gives you that feeling of being who you want to be.

Even small differences – an ornament moved; new cushion covers; a different photo displayed; fresh flowers in a vase; three books taken out and sent to the charity shop – can change the feel of your home to reflect you, so your home is even more where the heart of you resides.

4 thoughts on “MAKING A HOME

  1. Hi Di, really good news that you are back in your house and able to make it home. And the books and wine (red) did resonate with me. We do tend to build layers on and in our lives imperceptibly and involuntarily so it is good to be reminded that we can take the opportunity to reset and re-adjust. The allegory of the Phoenix…

  2. Really pleased to see you are back in your home Di. I’m going to be thinking about what next for me when Dan goes to Uni in the next month or so and at some stage that may involve moving which will mean looking at what has accumulated over the past decade here and what is now relevant to me now.

    Hope it all goes well for you! xx

  3. Hi Di
    Glad to hear you are back and ready to reset your home.
    I’m sure there’s no-one better able to do that.
    Much love

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