As I was sitting in the garden the other day, I heard someone in the street commenting on how beautiful the bluebells looked in a garden. Then another couple who were walking past were talking about the different birdsongs they could hear and how lovely it was to hear that rather than the traffic going past.

However hard this lockdown is, it is at least giving us the opportunity to appreciate the simple things in life – something we at Meta have advocated for many years. Whether it be the warmth of the sun on us, or the taste of fresh vegetables, or the smell of fresh-baked bread – (is everyone making their own bread these days?) – these things feed our soul and bring a much-needed smile to our faces.

And these simple things are all around us in our homes and in our world. They lift us out of the fear and restriction for a moment, out of our heads and into our hearts. They are what is there in the moment, real, free and available.

So spend a few moments each hour enjoying the simple pleasures in life, and have a little break from the uncertain nature of what’s going on in the world.

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