Sometimes we humans tend to over-rate ourselves as superior in this eco-system called Earth. We consider ourselves to be separate from and somehow better than the laws of nature.

Once upon a time, indigenous people saw themselves as the stewards of the earth, there to care for it and help it to thrive. This was wisdom, because if the earth’s eco-system thrives, so do we.

Nowadays we are more like an invading army, taking our spoils from the earth’s resources, damming rivers to alter their natural flow, covering the earth with concrete and tarmac, destroying eco-systems for short-term gain, polluting the atmosphere, and forgetting that our long-term survival depends on Nature’s help.

There is a lot of talk at the moment about the need to do something about climate change, but there is not a lot of action at the level that we need. I find this shocking because we are actually dependent on nature to live.

The air that you breathe, the food that you eat, the water that you drink – they are all provided by nature and are all being affected by our lack of care.

And we could learn so much from nature, if we really wanted to thrive.

In nature there is an interdependency where plants, insects, birds, animals, all provide a service for each other. They work together and cooperate to help each other to thrive.

There is also an amazing, still being discovered, system of communication, through the ‘woodwide’ web. We use our ‘web’ to boast, criticise, and spread misinformation. Nature uses her ‘web’ to give warnings of danger, to help each other grow and find food, to support each other.

As for recycling, nature does it all the time. Nothing is wasted or thrown away, and it is based on cycles which are self-sustaining if we don’t interfere.

And nature demonstrates her resiliency and power to regenerate and recover from our predations. When I first read about re-wilding, it sounded rather pretentious, but finding out more, it is clear that the natural world rebuilds its eco-systems remarkably quickly.

As humans we have caused a lot of damage, and forgotten that we are also a part of the eco-system. Now is the time to become stewards again, to care for the natural world around us. And it is time we learnt to behave as supportively with one another as other parts of nature do. Let’s play our part and help the wonder of nature to thrive.

(Worth watching: the series on BBC called ‘ The Earthshot Prize’)

1 thought on “THE WONDER OF NATURE

  1. For the first time your blog has made me sad, and without a lot of hope – not your fault as you are only stating fact. On the plus side there are people out there doing some wonderful things to help nature – sadly those in power who could do the most are not among them.
    Today I will be baking Christmas cakes to put myself back into a happier place!
    Much love to you xx

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