2023 seems to have been a year of doom and gloom: cost of living crisis; an incompetent and uncaring government; institutions we depend on like the NHS and education all feeling broken; awful wars; extreme climate events – you name it, we’ve got it – and that’s without all the personal hardships people have faced.

It is really easy to lose any hope we have and think that things will only get worse. Happy New Year sounds ridiculous.

But that lack of hope doesn’t help – in fact it makes things worse. We stop noticing any good things that are happening to us or in the world. We simply confirm our belief that everything has gone to the dogs.

So let’s break the spell in 2024.

I believe that the vast majority of human beings are kind and caring, and want to do their best. Let’s notice evidence for that.

I believe that the increase in exposure of unjust and corrupt behaviour by those in power will lead to people asking for their leaders to behave with integrity and fairness. Let’s look for evidence of that refusal to accept bad behaviour.

I believe that there will be more and more activity to improve the way we treat our earth. Let’s look for evidence that the climate crisis is being taken seriously.

And I believe that if enough of us say: ‘No more! We don’t accept this’, we can change things. Let’s play our part in making this stand.

When people choose to hope rather than despair, there is an increased possibility of not just surviving but thriving. Let’s break the spell and demonstrate by our own behaviour and attitude that things can get better for all of us.

4 thoughts on “LET’S BREAK THE SPELL

  1. Happy new year friend! Your have popped into my psyche and I am smiling.

    I’m in my last year of a 3 year acupuncture degree (no more bank yay!). I’m reading a text by wise Lonny Jarrett and this spirited you into my life

    ‘…metaphor is the most potent medicine on earth…People make themselves sick with language by creating harmful myths. A well placed metaphor can be a potent stimulus for wholeness and healing.’

    Of course anyone speaking of the power of metaphor makes me think of your teaching on ‘building bridges’.

    As an avid etymologist…I have a feeling you’re well aware of the beauty and depth of Chinese characters….its all a bit magical and a long overdue evolution from the learning I started with you all those years ago.

    Sending wishes for health and happiness to you lovely Di. xx

    1. Joanne
      Lovely to hear from you – and sounds like you have a great life change going on..
      I don’t check comments very often – sorry – but glad to feel we still have a connection.
      Di x

  2. Hi Di – just saw my last comments are awaiting moderation…please dont publish as they were intend for you …and I quoted Jarrett but didn’t correct cite him! xx

  3. Great to be able to read your insights again!
    I needed a tonic of this kind this year to shed a little positivity in the gloom, to remind me that I can effect positive changes and to make me remember good times and smile. Thank you!

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