I didn’t realise how important it was to me to have things to look forward to: holidays and concerts booked for sometime in the future. I didn’t consciously think about them much, once they were booked, but cancelling the last one in the diary definitely hit hard. They obviously gave me a sense of movement, direction, and a form of landmark.

So now what, in these times when everything is uncertain, and none of us know for how long we will be restricted in our movement and our social activity? One of my friends gave me the clue: she said she was planning in visits with people she loves, which included me, I’m glad to say! (We can still do that, at this point in time).

I’ve always enjoyed that, and I realised that it was a reminder about two things. The first is how much our relationships with others matter. We all realised that when it was taken away from us during the full lockdown – let’s not forget it or take it for granted again. Instead, let’s delight in our friendships and fully appreciate them.

The second reminder was that, even in ‘ordinary’ times, the only real certainty is right now, the present moment. Getting through our everyday with occasional highlights to look forward to is not living our lives, and if the highlight is disappointing, that’s even worse!

So what can I appreciate about today, how can I make today a good day? Taking the time to notice the autumn sunshine, the flowers still blooming in the garden; paying attention to my cats and their sweetness; laughing with a friend at the absurdity of it all; making a tasty dinner; watching a good movie – there are so many ways we can enliven our day.

I may not have anything to look forward to at the moment but I do have today. Let’s make it a good one!


  1. Thanks Di. I think planning in what you can do inspite of the restrictions is important. I have managed trips to Seoul, France, Belgium and Scotland despite the issues. Good planning of the trips and safeguarding yourself is key.

    It was my uncle and aunts 60th wedding anniversary recently and the big event planned evaporated. Instead a mix of letters, cards, emails, Skype calls and a scheduled series of visits from close relations gave them a really memorable weekend.

    My next trips are in the diary and are planned with testing before, during and after. I’m having to be a lot more thoughtful about what I do but there are fewer people out and about and that gives a great deal more space at attractions and on planes.

  2. Thank you Di – it’s been sad taking holidays out of the diary and none going in. Not quite the same putting my flu jab in! Lots of work on the house though which will be lovely when finished…… xx

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