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Every year there is a meeting in Davos where the rich, the top business people and politicians from around the world gather. It is seen as an opportunity to lobby for vested interests, to discuss possible trade deals etc, the elite talking to the elite.

This year, there was something that was hardly mentioned in the mainstream media. A coterie of British millionaires, who call themselves Patriotic Millionaires UK, implored the government to introduce a wealth tax of 2 per cent, which would raise £22 billion a year and could contribute significantly to funding our deteriorating public services.

Why don’t they listen? Is it because the millionaires in our government aren’t patriotic? Or are they listening to the greedy millionaires who avoid tax as much as they can? Do they think that they would lose votes from ordinary people because of doing it?

It is a puzzle to me that this easy win is not being taken up, either by the present government or as a policy by the opposition. It makes me wonder if there is any hope at all for common sense in politics.

Isn’t it time that hopeful, thoughtful voices were heard loud and clear in our democracy? There are solutions, they just seem to be ignored.

(By the way, I read about this in the magazine Positive News, which I’ve mentioned before. If you would like to know about some of the good things that are happening in our world, instead of all the doom and gloom, do consider subscribing).