Those of you who know me will be aware that I am very interested in politics, and although I will confess to a bias towards the left, I do give credit where it is due – difficult to do with our previous government here in the UK, as there was very little that felt right about their approach and policies, not to mention their delivery.

We now have a new government, and immediately they have given me hope. They didn’t crow over their victory, or slam their opponents. They made small promises in their manifesto and have already started working on those things. The prime minister has made it clear from the start that his underlying intention is to unify the country rather than play partisan politics, and to regain the trust of people in the government, and he is already acting on that intention. And we are only 3 days in!

I have seen a lot of new governments in my time and none of them have impressed me as much. They have done their preparation, they are realistic and thoughtful, they are being honest – if they keep this up, we might actually have a country we can be proud of!

I will be watching – there has been no euphoria or honeymoon period, but the question is: can they maintain their honest and action-oriented approach in the face of all they have to deal with – let’s see…

Meanwhile I am glad to have some optimism restored, finally!


  1. It was also good to see two probably basically good decent men with differing views show mutual respect in their final/first speeches as PM. Thinking Rishi and Kier, not Nigel.

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