I was watching a documentary about Maya Angelou not long ago. I am completely gripped when I see her talking or reading her poetry. What wonderful use of words and gestures to convey the complexities and simplicities of life! What a beautiful, modulated voice! What a lovely sense of humour and humanity! She inspires me every time I see her or read her work.

Being inspired means you relate directly to the spirit within someone, and it prompts you to want to be more like them. It is an active reminder of how we can be. It makes sense that Maya Angelou inspires me – I love writing, using words well, and always want to be better at communicating.

Those who inspire us embody qualities and values that we hold dear and make us want to develop them further in ourselves. They are the models that appeal to us because we can relate to their way of being in the world.

Who is inspirational for you will depend on your existing tendencies. It may be someone who creates great art; it may be a gardener, a teacher, a chef; it may be someone who dares to speak out for truth or justice. There are so many possibilities for us – and we’re not limited to one.

It is important that we identify and use these role models, those who inspire us. They help us to connect to and develop the same qualities inn ourselves.

So, think about it: who inspires you?

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